Join Martha and discover how to embrace power without effort using the technologies of magic!

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Here are my five pointers for finding your power without effort, in brief.

  • When you should use effort, and when you will create more powerfully by relaxing and sensing your inherent “magic.”
  • How to reduce resistance and maximize “flow” as you achieve your goals.
  • Why you don’t need any more knowledge to activate your own magical power.
  • Steps for creating the career, romance and lifestyle you want without stress.
  • How to make your life journey rich and delicious — starting now!

I wish you all the best as you begin to use the technologies of magic.
(Hint: it’s already happening!)

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Martha’s work changes lives because it is practical, magical, scientific, spiritual (and she is hilarious!)

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With Martha you’ll learn the magic and the marketing, the practical and the spiritual, the science and mystery involved in finding your own path and helping others find theirs.

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